Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Someone please do something

The other day I came across this review on  It isn’t hard to decipher good reviews from bad, but this one takes the cake of any I’ve recently come across.  Here it is (misspellings included):

Let’s see.  I have something, but I’ve not used it yet (it’s on my pool table, by the way).  It’s better than anything else, but you’re free to form your own opinion.

If you openly admit that you’ve never used something but you’re rating it 5/5 (or anything else for that matter), shouldn’t someone be smart enough to remove such a boneheaded review?

Shame on eHam for still allowing this to be posted.  Do the admins even read what’s posted there?


David Zahler said...

Well, I didn't think it was possible but I got a second laugh out of that post. The first time was while I was researching that antenna. After reading the first half of the first sentence, I know where it was from.

YO9IRF said...

Does anyone care about the opinion of a person with such a bad native language grammar ?