Tuesday, October 20, 2009


K1ASS. Yes, that's right. K1ASS. I looked the callsign up at QRZ.com and, much to my surprise, apparently it is not taken. Same at the FCC. In case you missed the pleasure of 40 meters CW last night, you also missed K1ASS. And you missed how quickly a fairly well-mannered pileup can deteriorate.

As the pileup grew more unruly, I heard him last night calling ZY0T. Over and over. Right on top of ZY0T's transmit frequency even though he was working split. In fact, here's some proof that he was on -

He did a number, let me tell you. For at least 5 or 6 minutes straight he obliterated any copy on ZY0T. Then, just as you thought he might have tuned away, he was back for another 3 or 4 minutes worth. As I wrote in an earlier entry, I truly believe that this has become a new operating technique. Destroy any chances of anyone else working a DX station. Maybe the goal is for them to drive away everyone else and then easily work the DX? Hmmmm. Seems quite effective actually.

My guess is that he wanted to see his call spotted...after all, a distinct call like that shouldn't be ignored!

Along with K1ASS, the frequency cops were out in force last night. And I'm hear to tell you, these guys took charge last night with a vengeance. I know some of these guys mean well, Lord knows that there were enough folks needing gentle reminders that ZY0T was working split, but "UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP" is a little overboard. Especially when it causes the DX to repeat his exchange three or four times.

I'm not sure what possesses someone to self-appoint the cop status? I suppose that I wouldn't mind it so much if they exercised a bit of restraint. I mean, is it really necessary to call out everyone, every single time? Or could we have just a tad of moderation? Apparently that's just not how it works, is it? While they didn't generate quite the level of QRM that K1ASS attained, the cops were a close second. Clearly it wasn't for lack of trying.


Scot R. Morrison said...

Hi, Ed

I appreciate your coverage of an on-going problem that is now beyond the pale of reason. This behavior as described in your posting in addition to other documented purposeful interference requires official attention.

However action of this magnitude maybe in the very distant future.

I advocate, on the other hand, that local clubs and other ham radio social related activities (ie. informal gatherings such as a weekend breakfast to include formalized gatherings like hamfests or conferences) begin educating those who want to learn about the ethics of operating as well as operating principles.

Likewise, ideally speaking, I would like to see greater emphasis on the Official Observer program instituted by the Federal Communications Commission. A significant number of reports would capture someone's attention with enforcement authority;sooner rather than later. I believe Newington could leverage some its clout and begin addressing this problematic issue.

International goodwill suffers because of the malicious action of a handful of operators. Perhaps, with proactive education and official observation reports, malicious interference activities will subside going into the future.

Thanks again for keeping the pressure on.


Ed N4EMG said...

Thanks for the comment, Scot. I agree with you, I think education is the key to restoring order to the airwaves. But, judging from the behavior during recent DXpeditions, I'm afraid that the problem is actually widespread and no longer just a handful of bad apples. K1ASS was only one of several idiots on that evening who caused QRM for all. I made no mention of the incessant tuner-uppers who must have to replace finals monthly. Unfortunately, I think this is something that is mostly unenforceable, much like K1MAN's absurd broadcasts. If the FCC can't (or won't) do anything about that kind of garbage, then what hope do we have for this kind of interference?

73 Ed